What’s your approach to photography?

As a photographer my style is very natural, relaxed and unobtrusive. I’ll give you a bit of direction but I won’t pose you stiffly. I use natural light as much as possible so I don’t bring a load of heavy lighting equipment with me; I prefer to use the sun (or cloudy skies!). The only point in the day that I use a flash is on the d-floor.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I’m based in Bristol, UK (it’s a wonderful city, check it out!) but am really happy to travel further afield than this. Some places I’ve been to include France, Canada, Jersey, Wales and all around England. I ask to be put up overnight if the wedding is further than 1½ hours away and that you cover any fuel costs for driving. 

How do we book you?

If you’re intested in booking me, send me a message and include your wedding date/venue location/a bit about yourselves. If I’m available I’ll get super excited like this…

… and then we can arrange to meet up for a coffee or have a phone call/Skype chat. To secure your wedding date in my diary I ask that you sign a contract and pay a 20% deposit… then we’re good to go!

Please note that I often take bookings up to 18 months in advance so do get in touch as soon as you’re able to.

How long do you stay for?

Generally up to Ten hours. This is a great amount of time for me to photograph you getting ready for a couple of hours in the morning, through to a bit of the dancing in the evening.

That being said, I’m not super strict so if timings overrun a bit, I won’t sneak off without photographing the first dance… I’ll be there!

How much time to you need for couple portraits on the wedding day?

I’ve done portraits (I call it ‘portraits’ but I just mean that middle time where I disappear with you both; it’s still pretty candid!) in as little as 10 minutes and also up to 2 hours. Ideally, I’d want to have about 20-40 minutes. That gives us all time to be creative and generally the longer we have for them, the more couples are able to relax into it.

 Do you take any group photos?

I’m happy to take some group photos because I totally get that weddings are significant times for family and friends to gather from near and far and you’ll want to make sure they’re some photos! Plus, these pics can be done in a fun, creative way if you’re up for it! But in general my style is very relaxed and I love capturing photos that represent the day in a more natural, unposed way. It’s also worth noting that each group photo takes a few minutes to coordinate so up to ten different groups would take about 30-45mins. With this in mind I would recommend having no more than ten different sets of people on your list. That way you can spend more time catching up with guests and I can photograph more of the impromptu, joyful moments!

How long until we receive the photographs?

This will vary slightly depending on the busyness of the season. I’ll try and send them to you within a month but it can take up to a maximum of 6 weeks.

How many photos do we receive?

This of course varies from wedding to wedding because I don’t cap how many photos I edit- I look through all of the images I take on the day and I’ll give you all of the lovely ones! Generally this is no less than 450 and can be as many as 650.

Back ups… are you careful?

I always bring back up gear with me to weddings and your photos are backed up immediately after the wedding (in 3 separate places).

 Can we print and share photos ourselves?

Yes! You’re welcome to print/share the photos however you’d like to, as long as they’re not used for commercial purposes.

Do we need to feed you on the big day?

It’s always a real pleasure to be fed! And it’s great for me to not have to carry around food because I’ll already have lots of camera equipment in my bag.

I love it when people are able to provide me with a meal (I definitely need to refuel as I’m on my feet all day) but if this isn’t possible just let me know and I’ll pack some sandwiches.

What happens if you’re ill on the wedding day?

I’m part of a collective of photographers so in the awful instance that I’m not well enough to photograph a wedding (which thankfully has never happened in 5 years of doing this) I’d contact a bunch of photographers and would work with you to find a similar replacement.

Do we own the copyright of the images?

You don’t own the copyright but you are of course welcome to share them freely with friends and family. As the owner of the images, I also like to share the photos I take both on my website and for any marketing purposes. Each wedding photographed is a privilege and it’s important that I’m able to showcase them because it’s how I market and continue my business.

Do we have to be good at having our photo taken?

Nope! You just have to be able to get a bit close to the person you’re marrying and enjoy the day. If you can do those two things, you’re set!